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FAMA ER is an international provider of expert report data as well as further special information and operates a data platform based on Big Data and AI technologies. The company trades and buys proprietary data and offers related services based on semantic analyses of structured and unstructured data.

For the continuous operation of a data landscape based on up-to-date knowledge, FAMA ER invests a considerable part of its revenues in research and development. In this way, FAMA ER ensures the development of the latest and most innovative solutions.

About TASC2020

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Targeting Setting

TASC 2020 was developed and created by Fraunhofer. Following the approach of the digitalization of police recorded accident including a “light reconstruction” the database will be compatible to many different countries all over the world.

TAST teaser

The main focus of TASC is vehicle and road safety as well as highly automated driving functions (ADAS and AD). With over 11.000 cases, TASC is already one of the largest database of simulatable traffic accidents. TASC is currently looking for partners and users.

Instant Support

FAMA ER is always available for advice and offer support for the acquisition of the data set via the data platform.

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scientific cooperation

Cooperation with the Fraunhofer is launched. FAMA ER has commissioned Fraunhofer with the goal of developing various simulative data sources in a uniform F-JSON format. FAMA ER makes these data available to different users - as well as the information obtained from the sources.


survey methodology

In order to obtain mathematically and physically correct information for the validity of speeds, TASC has made use of various complementary, generally recognised survey methods. Every basis scenario is checked plausibility tests to provide constant quality.


Pre-Crash scenarios

In addition to validated speeds, the TASC data set offers an ever-increasing amount of data, which mainly describes the pre-crash behaviour of traffic accidents with personal injury. The data set is compatible to the automotive simulation standards.

statistical analyzability
and representativeness
accident and
scenario database
simulation capability
and compatibility
harmonised and intuitive
academically accompanied

About TASC Steering Committee

Who decides next steps

The Traffic Accident Scenario Community Steering Committee determines the data pool and the current and future contents. The committee is elected annually and is composed of different members.

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06/2021 | browser-based dynamic analysis tool

For TASC 2020, it is planned to provide users with a browser-based dynamic analysis tool with a distributed, multi-tenant full-text search engine based on a Big Data capable parallelizable Elasticsearch development environment. This allows all users to get a better overview in the overall dataset. A pre-filter of the necessary accident scenario data can be done quickly and easily and is clearly arranged. The development is currently being commissioned and should be available to all users before the end of 2021.

05/2021 | TASC2020 available

The TASC 2020 dataset is available.

04/2021 | quality improvements codebook

For the TASC 2020 dataset, extended plausibility checks for quality improvements were introduced and documented in the codebook.

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